What to Expect

What to Expect at Your First & Second Appointments

We place a heavy importance on your first two visits to our office, we ask that you set aside 45 minutes for these appointments (which is longer than your following routine appointments will be). At Driftless Chiropractic we pride ourselves in taking the time to treat each and every patient with the attention to detail needed to fully understand and treat the problem at hand.

What Happens at Your First Appointment

  • Before we meet with you we ask that you complete our new patient forms. You are welcome to come in early and fill them out in our office prior to your appointment, or if you’d like to save 15 minutes we have provided our patient forms here on our website for you to easily download and complete at home for your convenience.

    You can fax, e-mail, or physically bring the forms in on your appointment date. This paperwork is vital for the doctors to assess your:

    • Unique situation
    • Health history
    • Current condition
  • All of our new patient visits start with a two-way conversation with one of the doctors. We feel that the best care starts with listening to the patients concerns. Here we will discuss:

    • Your current situation
    • Your future health goals
    • How chiropractic care and spinal rehab can help you

    Following the consultation the doctor will explain what testing and examinations will be performed in order to get a thorough picture of your condition, and to accurately determine what steps to take to help you achieve your health goals. Your well-being is our first objective, so the doctors will make sure you understand and are completely comfortable with the exam to follow.

  • If through the consultation it is determined that you are likely to benefit from chiropractic care, we move forward with the diagnostic process. The doctor will conduct a complete non-invasive examination including neurologic, orthopedic, physical, and postural tests (we ask you to wear loose comfortable clothing for your comfort during the process).

    Full spine x-rays are utilized at Driftless Chiropractic & Spinal Rehab in order to visualize and analyze the spine as a whole. Physiologically each area influences the other, we must address the structure of the spine as a whole (just as the foundation of a building has an effect on the structural integrity of the floors above it). Together, all of the exams performed determine the CAUSE of your problem and give the doctors a clear picture of what we can do to help your individual case.

    Throughout the consultation and exam we strive to communicate effectively, answering questions along the way, so that you can more fully participate in your care and reaching your health goals.

  • By the end of your first visit we will have the information needed to complete your patient specific care plan, and will schedule you for your second visit with us. Your second visit is when we will go over your report of findings followed by your first adjustment with us.

    At Driftless Chiropractic & Spinal Rehab the doctors do not always adjust on the first visit, as it is important for Dr. Ross and Dr. Shauna to give your case the time it deserves by thoroughly going over your x-rays and exam findings to formulate a specific care plan for you and your specific diagnosis. Our two-visit approach:

    • Reduces the length of your first visit
    • Gives us time to analyze the findings
    • Avoids overloading you with too much information in one sitting

    Anything worth doing right is worth waiting for!

What Happens at Your Second Appointment

  • On your second visit the doctor will meet with you to go over the data collected during your first visit; correlating your health history, exam, and x-rays to explain what it all means in regards to your overall health. Our recommendation to follow will be a plan of action to address your specific diagnosis; designed to help you obtain and keep your health.

    There are four questions answered for you in the report of findings:

    1. What is wrong with me?
    2. How can you help me?
    3. How long will it take?
    4. What will my care plan cost?
  • Following your report of finding you will be given your first adjustment, spinal rehabilitation therapy, and/or soft tissue treatment at that visit. Congratulations on taking the first step to controlling and owning your health, we are exited to be a part of it!

Office Tour

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  • Giving Hope in Recovery

    Dr. Ross and Dr. Shauna have given me hope in my recovery. I value that they look at the body as a whole, integrative system. Their approach has been one I have been searching for and am so thankful to have finally found! They address the cause of whatever issues you are having and attack it from the root. Not only do they have a reason for the treatment they provide you with, but they explain it to you in a way that you can understand. I am grateful for the service(s) they provide and would whole heartedly recommend them to anyone considering seeing a chiropractor.

  • Totally Different than Prior Chiropractic Treatment

    I am very pleased with the care I have received at Driftless Chiropractic. Dr. Ross & Dr. Shauna truly care about helping. They spend a great deal of time at the consultation, explaining your x-rays and ways to treat. I never feel rushed. The adjustments are for your whole spine. The treatment is tailored to your needs. I also love the icing treatment after the adjustment. I never find time to do it at home, so to offer it there is a great benefit to me. This has been totally different than prior chiropractic treatment, where I felt I was rushed in & out!

  • A Better Value and More Comprehensive Care

    I've been going to Driftless Chiropractic for about two months. I switched from another chiropractor in the area and found Driftless to be a better value and they offer more comprehensive care, including traction, exercises, and icing as additional options above and beyond what you expect from them. They also have a beautiful, spa-like facility.